Driver Behavior & Performance

Crash Risk of Cell Phone Use While Driving: A Case- Crossover Analysis of Naturalistic Driving Data

January 2018

This report investigates the relationship between using a cell phone while driving and the risk of being involved in a crash by comparing cell phone use immediately prior to crashes versus during ordinary driving by the same drivers using in-vehicle video from a large naturalisti

Vulnerable Road Users

Musculoskeletal Conditions and Related Driving Reduction Among Older Drivers: A LongROAD Study

November 2017

This Research Brief investigates the relationship between lifetime musculoskeletal conditions and reduction in driving in the past year.

Vulnerable Road Users

The Longitudinal Research on Aging Drivers (LongROAD) Study: Understanding the Design and Methods

November 2017

This Research Brief describes the overall design and methods of the Longitudinal Research on Aging Drivers (LongROAD) study--a large-scale prospective cohort study of drivers ages 65+, and succinctly presents the numerous kinds of information being collected from participants.

Vulnerable Road Users

Use, Learning and Perceptions of In-Vehicle Technologies, and Vehicle Adaptations among Older Drivers: A LongROAD Study

October 2017

This research explores the characteristics of older adults who engage in rehabilitation to improve their driving, specifically age, gender, marital status, health status, and physical function.

Emerging Technologies

Air Disc Brakes: Leveraging Large-Truck Technology and Engineering to Realize Safety Gains

September 2017

This study estimates the costs and benefits associated with equipping all large trucks nationwide with air disc brakes.