Emerging Distracted Driving Countermeasures

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Previous research by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reviewed existing research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and government reports to describe the current state of knowledge regarding efforts to combat distracted driving. However, many other efforts may not be documented in such publications and yet may offer useful sources of practical guidance. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and the Behavioral Sciences Group at the University of Michigan are conducting a comprehensive review of current safety strategies by states, cities, counties, and private entities aimed at mitigating distracted driving.

Project Goal and Plan

The goal of this project is to identify and document emerging driver distraction countermeasures, and related useful outcomes and practical guidance, from sources outside of scientific literature.

This project builds upon the findings from scientific and gray literature reviews previously conducted by AAAFTS to study efforts from national, state, local, and international organizations. The project will include focused environmental scans, foundational interviews, surveys of stakeholders, and integrative interviews. The final report will synthesize the findings on distraction countermeasures, with relevant data on implementation and evaluation processes and outcomes, integration of behavior change theory and Safe Systems principles, and recommendations for future research.


Alicia Romo

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety