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Aaron Benson

Associate Researcher, Traffic Research Group

Aaron Benson joined the Foundation in August 2017. He received his master’s degree in human factors from George Mason University. Previously, he worked as a research assistant for Leidos, supporting…

Brian R. W. Baucom

Brian R. W. Baucom,

Brian Tefft

Senior Researcher, Traffic Research Group

Brian Tefft joined the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety in 2006. He conducts and manages research on a wide variety of traffic safety issues including driver distraction, drowsiness, and impairment;…

C. Y. David Yang

Executive Director

Dr. C. Y. David Yang became the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s executive director in October 2016. Previously, he worked for the U.S. Department of Transportation and private consulting firms.…

Joanne But

Program Coordinator, Mission Support Team

Joanne But is the Foundation’s program coordinator. She serves as the liaison and first point of contact for AAA National and AAA clubs. Additionally, she coordinates current and upcoming research…

Leon Villavicencio

Analyst, Data & Information Group

Leon Villavicencio joined the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety as an analyst in August 2017. Previously, he was part of a first responder epidemiology fellowship (FiRE Fellows) supporting federal fire…

Lindsay Arnold

Researcher, Traffic Research Group

Lindsay Arnold conducts research on issues including substance-impaired driving and vulnerable road users. Prior to joining the Foundation in 2012, she served as a public health fellow in the National…

Patrice Davis

Records and Database Specialist, Mission Support Team

As Foundation’s records and database specialist, Patrice Davis is responsible for developing and maintaining electronic databases for technical and other records/files, assisting technical staff with research activities, tracking financial contributions,…

Robert D. Foss

Robert D. Foss,

Tara Kelley-Baker

Group Leader, Data & Information Group

Dr. Tara Kelley-Baker was named data and information group leader in April 2017. During her two-plus decades as a social scientist, Dr. Kelley-Baker has developed, evaluated and directed a multitude…

Victoria Añorve

Associate Analyst, Data & Information Group

Victoria Añorve joined the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety as an associate analyst in September 2018. She received her bachelor of science degree in applied statistics from University of California,…

William J. Horrey

Group Leader, Traffic Research Group

Dr. William J. Horrey joined the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety in August 2017 as the traffic research group leader. An experienced human factors professional, Dr. Horrey has led or…

Woon Kim

Senior Analyst, Data & Information Group

Dr. Woon Kim joined the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety in April 2017 as a senior analyst in the data and information group. Previously, she was a safety data manager…

Driver Behavior & Performance

An Evaluation of Data from Drivers Arrested for Driving Under the Influence in Relation to Per se Limits for Cannabis

...proponents of greater access to cannabis is its impact on driver performance and traffic safety; both sides recognize that the cognitive and psychomotor effects of cannabis use in the period...

May 2016 // Technical Report // Fact Sheet

Driver Behavior & Performance

Cannabis Use Among Drivers Suspected of Driving Under the Influence or Involved in Collisions: Analysis of Washington State Patrol Data

Background In November 2012 Washington voters passed Initiative-502 (I-502), legalizing retail cannabis sales and recreational cannabis use for adults 21 years and older. As with alcohol, the law provides two...

May 2016 // Technical Report // Fact Sheet

Driver Behavior & Performance

Assessing the Feasibility of Evaluating the Legal Implications of Marijuana Per Se Statutes in the Criminal Justice System

Introduction The legalization and decriminalization of cannabis is occurring at a rapid pace for both medical and recreational use. In total, 31 states have legalized medical cannabis, along with Washington,...

April 2019 // Technical Report // Fact Sheet

Driver Behavior & Performance

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Marijuana: Beliefs and Behaviors, United States, 2013-2015

Background Increasing numbers of states have legalized or are considering legalizing medical and/or recreational marijuana use, bringing attention to the issue of marijuana and other drug and alcohol impaired driving...

May 2016 // Technical Report // Fact Sheet

Driver Behavior & Performance

Overview of Major Issues Regarding the Impacts of Alcohol and Marijuana on Driving

As part of a project funded by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, this document provides an overview of issues related to marijuana consumption, driving impairment and blood testing as...

March 2016 // Research Brief