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Roadwise Rx

Use this tool to understand how medications may affect you and your driving.

Medications have both intended and unintended effects on your body, and these effects change based on the other medications that you’re taking and the foods that you eat. Not only does that affect how you feel, many of these effects can also impact your ability to safely drive.



An online brain training program that is clinically proven to help drivers see more, react faster, and cut crash risk. DriveSharp takes a unique approach to driving safety. It is not a driving simulation or education program. Instead, it sharpens the most important safety equipment of all: the mind of the driver.

Driving safely and confidently requires fast visual processing. While the eyes absorb a visual scene through the windshield, it’s the brain’s job to make sense of that scene and decide how to respond to it. Often, a few milliseconds can make the difference between spotting a bicyclist in time to avoid them, getting off at the right freeway exit and missing it, or stopping in time to avoid a collision with another car.

Research shows the program is effective in increasing processing speed, improving reaction time, and cutting the risk of at-fault crashes.

With DriveSharp, every driver can improve their driving safety—at any age.

AAA’s Driver Licensing Policies and Practices

This “one stop shop” provides information on state driver licensing policies and practices affecting older and medically-at-risk drivers.

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