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Driver Behavior & Performance

Countermeasures Against Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drug-Impaired Driving

This report describes prescription and over-the-counter countermeasures related to pharmacy and medical; data recording and toxicology; law enforcement and judicial; and education and advertising.

October 2018 Technical Report | Report Summary

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Driver Behavior & Performance

Leveraging and Enhancing Alcohol Countermeasures to Reduce Drugged Driving

Two research briefs describe a project that solicited input from subject matter experts across the U.S. regarding the potential for alcohol-impaired driving countermeasures to be adapted as drugged or drug-impaired driving countermeasures.

September 2018 // Enforcement/Legal Brief // Behavioral/Educational Brief

Vulnerable Road Users

Marijuana Use in Older Drivers in Colorado: A LongROAD Study

This research brief describes marijuana use and its relationship to self-reported driving outcomes among older drivers using baseline data from the Colorado cohort of the LongROAD study.

April 2018 Research Brief