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Emerging Technologies

2017 Forum on the Impact of Vehicle Technologies and Automation on Users: A Summary Report

This report summarizes presentations, discussion, and outcomes from a stakeholder forum on the impact of 21st-century automotive technologies on drivers.

February 2018 Technical Report

Driver Behavior & Performance

2016 Traffic Safety Culture Index

This report presents the results of our annual Traffic Safety Culture Index survey, providing data on the attitudes and behaviors of the American public with respect to key traffic safety topics.

February 2017 Technical Report | Report Summary

Driver Behavior & Performance

American Driving Survey: 2014 – 2015

This report presents data on the proportion of U.S. residents who drive and the amount of driving that they did in years 2014-2015 based on the AAA Foundation's surveys of representative samples of households nationwide.

September 2016 Technical Report | Report Summary

Driver Behavior & Performance

An Evaluation of Data from Drivers Arrested for Driving Under the Influence in Relation to Per se Limits for Cannabis

This study examines the relationship between toxicological test results and performance on a battery of physiological and psychomotor measures used by law enforcement officers among drivers arrested for DUI.

May 2016 Technical Report | Report Summary

Driver Behavior & Performance

Prevalence of Marijuana Involvement in Fatal Crashes: Washington, 2010-2014

This study quantifies the prevalence of marijuana involvement in fatal crashes in the state of Washington in years 2010 – 2014, and examines whether the prevalence changed after the legalization of recreational use of marijuana took effect in the state.

May 2016 Technical Report | Report Summary