Request For Proposals

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is pleased to announce its 2019 Requests for Proposals (RFPs) with six topics in three areas:

Emerging Technologies

Vulnerable Road Users

Driver Behavior & Performance

Proposals in response to the topics listed above are due on Monday, July 2, 2018 at 5:00 PM EDT. Submit completed proposals to

An FAQ document is available here, which includes common questions from previous years. If you have other questions, please email them to and fill the subject line “Questions.” AAA Foundation will accept questions until 5:00 PM EDT, June, 1, 2018. Answers to these questions will be posted on the AAA Foundation website no later than 5:00 PM EDT, June 8, 2018.

Questions Submitted

Q: Putting together a proposal requires a solid thought process and we will be competing against research institutes and academic facilities. Have you funded corporations in the past? Would you need us to partner with an academic institution?

A: Any organization is free to submit a proposal in response to the requests. While partnering with an academic organization might be beneficial for certain projects, it is not a requirement. All proposals will be reviewed and rated according to the criterion listed in the RFPs.

Q: In regards to the “Impact of Information Sources on Consumer Understanding of Automated Driving Systems” RFP, can you please define what ‘branding or marketing of systems’ encompasses for the project objectives?

A: For the current RFP, branding refers to the name of the system or its components. Marketing generally refers to information that is used on manufacturer or dealer websites or in sales brochures. Proposals on this topic may consider these information sources and/or others that do not fall into these classifications.

Q: In regards to the “Impact of Information Sources on Consumer Understanding of Automated Driving Systems” RFP, what are the expectations for the ‘different driving populations’ for the final sample outside of age? Is there any priority to specific driving populations (how much they drive, the kind of driving they do, interest in technology, etc.)?

A: While age is the primary interest in the context of this RFP, the Foundation welcomes applicants to propose other dimensions of possible importance.