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Driver Behavior & Performance

Countermeasures to Reduce Drowsy Driving: Results of a Literature Review and Discussions with Experts

This report presents the results of a literature review and discussions with experts to summarize the current state of knowledge on the effectiveness of countermeasures intended to reduce drowsy driving and the associated motor vehicle crashes, injuries, and deaths.

September 2022 // Technical Report // Fact Sheet

Driver Behavior & Performance

Use of Potentially Impairing Medications in Relation to Driving, United States, 2021

This study investigates the prevalence of recent use of potentially driver impairing medications and driving after use among U.S. drivers.

July 2022 // Research Brief

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Driver Behavior & Performance

Effectiveness of Distracted Driving Countermeasures: An Expanded and Updated Review of the Scientific and Gray Literatures

This review of literature augments the findings of our prior review with the most recent publications concerning safety-based outcome measures, the current state of knowledge regarding non-safety-based outcome measures, and a review of commercially available relevant apps.

March 2022 // Research Brief

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Driver Behavior & Performance

Self-Reported Risky Driving in Relation to Changes in Amount of Driving During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This study examines the prevalence of self-reported risky driving behaviors of drivers who increased their driving during the first several months of the COVID-19 pandemic compared with those who reduced or did not change how much they drove.

February 2022 // Research Brief

Driver Behavior & Performance

2020 Traffic Safety Culture Index

The 2020 iteration of the annual Traffic Safety Culture Index survey provides insights on public engagement in unsafe driving behaviors and related attitudes and perceptions in the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic relative to previous years.

October 2021 // Technical Report // Fact Sheet

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Driver Behavior & Performance

Travel in the United States Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This research brief aims to quantify month-to-month changes in average daily travel from July 2019 through December 2020 using data from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s New American Driving Survey.

July 2021 // Research Brief

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Driver Behavior & Performance

New American Driving Survey: Updated Methodology and Results from July 2019 to June 2020

The New American Driving Survey collects and examines national-level data on the driving habits and patterns of the American public, in response to the need for driving exposure information in quantifying traffic risks.

April 2021 // Technical Report // Fact Sheet

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Driver Behavior & Performance

Fatal Wrong-Way Crashes on Divided Highways

This brief explores fatal wrong-way crashes and factors associated with these incidents.

March 2021 // Research Brief

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Driver Behavior & Performance

A Pilot Sentinel Surveillance System for Drug Use by Drivers in Crashes—Lessons Learned and Recommendations

This research brief describes the pilot testing, related lessons learned, and barriers encountered in the development and implementation of a sentinel surveillance system for drug use by drivers in crashes.

March 2021 // Research Brief // Guidebook

Driver Behavior & Performance

2019 Traffic Safety Culture Index

The Traffic Safety Culture Index (TSCI) is a nationally representative survey that has been conducted annually since 2008 to identify American drivers’ perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors related to traffic safety issues.

June 2020 // Technical Report // Fact Sheet