Roadway Systems & Drivers

Improving Roadside Responder Crash Data: Outcomes from an Expert Roundtable Discussion

This brief highlights a roundtable discussion that sought to identify ways to improve data about the safety of incident response and emergency services personnel working on the side of the road. Recommendations are made based on information provided by the panel of experts.

December 2021 // Research Brief

A car driving at high speeds

Roadway Systems & Drivers

Impact of Speeds on Drivers and Vehicles – Results from Crash Tests

This study examines how vehicle crashworthiness and occupant protection degrade as impact speeds increase. The results and implications in this report provide valuable information for those who advocate for safety considerations when setting maximum posted speed limits.

January 2021 // Technical Report // Fact Sheet

Roadway Systems & Drivers

Review of Current Practices for Setting Posted Speed Limits

The aim of this study is to investigate the current practice of how speed limits are set across the country and to understand how the process impacts the traffic environment and drivers’ behaviors.

April 2019 // Research Brief

Roadway Systems & Drivers

Safety Benefits of Highway Infrastructure Investments

This study estimates the reduction in serious injuries and deaths that could potentially be achieved through investment in proven cost-effective highway infrastructure safety measures, and the level of investment required to achieve those benefits.

May 2017 // Technical Report // Fact Sheet

Roadway Systems & Drivers

Roadway Systems & Drivers

USRAP Pilot Program Phase III

This report details US Road Assessment Program pilot studies performed in Illinois, Kentucky, New Mexico, and Utah, and also presents the results of a validation study of the usRAP star rating protocol using data from Iowa and Washington.

May 2010 // Technical Report

Roadway Systems & Drivers

Roadway Systems & Drivers

USRAP Pilot Program Phase II

Development of specialized risk maps that address safety issues of interest to the participating states, such as unbelted occupant, speed-related, alcohol-involved, roadway- and lane-departure, commercial-vehicle-involved, older driver, and young driver crashes.

January 2008 // Technical Report