Research Priorities

Four Research Focus Areas:

Driver Behavior and Performance

Drivers do many things behind the wheel that put themselves and others at risk. AAA Foundation research addresses a range of risky behaviors including distracted, substance-impaired, and drowsy driving.

Emerging Technologies

Cars are becoming smarter as great strides are made in the field of connected and automated vehicle technologies. While advanced driver assistance systems and semi-automated vehicles have the potential to increase safety, many questions remain about these new technologies and concepts before they can be widely deployed.

Roadway Systems and Drivers

An emerging focus for the Foundation is the connection between roadways, infrastructure and traffic safety. Precise design of the roadway systems will play a critical role to support future deployment of connected and automated vehicle technologies.

Vulnerable Road Users

The AAA Foundation is a leader in research around teen and senior driving safety. In addition, the Foundation is expanding its research in this area to include other vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists, and is committed to improving the safety of all road users.