2021 Virtual Forum on the Impact of Vehicle Technologies and Automation on Users: A Summary Report

This report summarizes presentations, discussion, and outcomes from a virtual stakeholder forum on the impact of 21st-century automotive technologies on users.

March 2022

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  • AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety


On September 15-17, 2021, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety convened a three-day virtual forum, the fourth in the series of Forums on the impact of vehicle technologies and automation on users. Consistent with past forums, the main objective was to gather representatives and experts from the research community, government, and industry to discuss issues and identify research needs and critical considerations regarding the design and safety of vehicle technologies and automation. This year, the panel discussions and presentations also included a sampling of AAA Foundation–led or sponsored work that has been completed on research topics that originated in the earlier forums (2017-2019).

Each day, attendees convened for a two-hour session. The first hour was reserved for a panel discussion or virtual presentations from invited speakers. The second hour involved breakout group discussions on pre-defined topics. Each day was oriented around a different (though not mutually exclusive) theme:

  • Day 1: Understanding and Perception of Vehicle Automation
  • Day 2: Driver Interactions with Vehicle Automation
  • Day 3: Education and Training on Vehicle Automation

This summary report documents the panel and group discussions such that the outcomes can be shared with other stakeholders to improve coordination and encourage collaboration.

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AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety