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Close up of hand touching vehicle dashboard

Emerging Technologies

User Interactions with Vehicle Automation Technologies: A Review of Previous Research and a Proposed Framework

This research brief reviews recent research and proposes a framework on user perceptions, understanding, and interactions with vehicle automation technology.

January 2023 Research Brief

Driver Behavior & Performance

Properly and Effectively Adjudicating Drugged Drivers: The Development of Online Curricula

In order to expand access to training in drugged driving adjudication, the AAA Foundation funded the development and production of online courses for judges and prosecutors.

June 2018 Research Brief

Vulnerable Road Users

Development and Pilot Testing of the Driving Check-Up: Expanding the Continuum of Services Available to Assist Older Drivers

This report describes the development and initial pilot testing of the Driving Check-Up, a model program for a driving-school evaluation of driving knowledge and skills for older adults.

May 2018 Technical Report | Report Summary