2019 Forum on the Impact of Vehicle Technologies and Automation on Users – Design and Safety Implications: A Summary Report

This report summarizes presentations, discussion, and outcomes from a stakeholder forum on the impact of 21st-century automotive technologies on design and safety implications.

April 2020

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  • AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety



On Nov. 4 and 5, 2019, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and the University of California San Diego hosted a forum to discuss issues and identify future research needs on the impact of vehicle technologies and automation on users, focusing on the design and safety implications of these systems.

The forum was attended by academics, industry representatives, government agencies, advocacy groups, and other research organizations. The main objectives of this forum were to: (a) gather representatives/experts from the research community, government, and industry to discuss issues and identify research needs and critical considerations regarding the design and safety of vehicle technologies and automation, and (b) develop a summary report documenting the outcomes of the panel and group discussions and share it with other stakeholders to improve coordination and encourage collaboration.

On Day 1, three expert panels were convened to discuss a variety of topics related to vehicle technology, automation, and their interaction with transportation system users. The panels were: The State of Vehicle Technology and Automation (Panel 1), Design Recommendations and Considerations (Panel 2), and Implications to Future Safety and Operations (Panel 3). Each panel was followed by an extended question-and-answer period. On Day 2, all forum attendees engaged in a world café exercise, a structured conversational process in which small groups discuss and share knowledge on a topic or question. The panel presentations and discussions, world café exercise, and outcomes are described.

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AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety