Facilitating Community Implementation of the Safe System Approach


Most motor vehicle crashes and their resulting injuries and deaths involve a wide array of contributing factors, without any one of which the crash might not have led to the same tragic outcome or might have not even occurred. Acknowledging this, the Safe System approach provides a layered approach to improving traffic safety. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is collaborating with Johns Hopkins University, Institute of Transportation Engineers, and the University of North Carolina to develop new resources that will help transportation safety stakeholders from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to advocate effectively for and implement the Safety System Approach in their communities.

Project Goal and Plan

The goal of this project is to facilitate successful adoption of the Safe System approach during the current period of federal investment by increasing understanding and acceptance of Safe System principles and practices among community safety advocates such as AAA clubs, local practitioners, and local elected officials. The products from this project are intended to fill a critical gap by improving understanding and acceptance among key audiences who will affect Safe System adoption and sustainability.

This project consists of two phases.

Phase 1: developing and disseminating guidance materials to assist safety advocates in educating the community about Safe System elements and in adopting Safe System principles to improve traffic safety.

Phase 2: developing and disseminating guidance documents to help roadway practitioners in incorporating Safe System approach in strategic plans and initiatives at various levels of government.


C. Y. David Yang

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety