Vulnerable Road Users

Assessing Fatality Rates in Crash Involvement for Motorists and Non-Motorists in Teen Driver Crashes by Risk Factor

This research brief presents findings from the 2016 FARS and CRSS database assessing the rate of fatalities for different individuals, and different risk factors involved in a teen driver crash

October 2018 // Research Brief PDF

Driver Behavior & Performance

Countermeasures Against Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drug-Impaired Driving

This report describes prescription and over-the-counter countermeasures related to pharmacy and medical; data recording and toxicology; law enforcement and judicial; and education and advertising.

October 2018 // Full Report PDF // Fact Sheet PDF

Emerging Technologies

Potential Reduction in Crashes, Injuries and Deaths from Large-Scale Deployment of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

A synthesis of existing research on the potential safety benefits of selected Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) providing new estimates of the numbers of crashes, injuries, and deaths that such systems could potentially help prevent.

September 2018 // Research Brief PDF

Emerging Technologies

Vehicle Owners’ Experiences with and Reactions to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

This report presents the results of a survey of over 1,200 owners of vehicles equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). The data reflects owners’ opinions about, understanding of, and experiences with the ADAS technologies.

September 2018 // Full Report PDF // Fact Sheet PDF

Driver Behavior & Performance

Leveraging and Enhancing Alcohol Countermeasures to Reduce Drugged Driving

Two research briefs describe a project that solicited input from subject matter experts across the U.S. regarding the potential for alcohol-impaired driving countermeasures to be adapted as drugged or drug-impaired driving countermeasures.

September 2018 // Enforcement/Legal Brief // Behavioral/Educational Brief

Vulnerable Road Users

Discussions with Older Family Members about Safe Driving: Findings from the AAA LongROAD study

This research brief presents findings on the frequency of, and reasons for, older drivers having discussions with family members about safe driving.

August 2018 // Research Brief PDF

Emerging Technologies

Visual and Cognitive Demands of Using Apple CarPlay, Google’s Android Auto and Five Different OEM Infotainment Systems

This research examines the visual (eyes-off-road) and cognitive (mental) demand associated with common in-vehicle tasks including making a phone call, sending a text message, programming audio entertainment and programming navigation systems using Apple CarPlay, Google’s Androi

June 2018 // Full Report PDF // Fact Sheet PDF

Driver Behavior & Performance

Properly and Effectively Adjudicating Drugged Drivers: The Development of Online Curricula

In order to expand access to training in drugged driving adjudication, the AAA Foundation funded the development and production of online courses for judges and prosecutors.

June 2018 // Research Brief PDF

Vulnerable Road Users

Orientation Sessions for Parents of Young Novice Drivers: An Assessment of U.S. Programs and Recommendations

Based on a review of existing programs and the available scientific literature, this project provides recommendations to enhance parent orientation sessions that are part of the teen driver training and licensing process.

May 2018 // Full Report PDF // Fact Sheet PDF

Vulnerable Road Users

Development and Pilot Testing of the Driving Check-Up: Expanding the Continuum of Services Available to Assist Older Drivers

This report describes the development and initial pilot testing of the Driving Check-Up, a model program for a driving-school evaluation of driving knowledge and skills for older adults.

May 2018 // Full Report PDF // Fact Sheet PDF