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Vulnerable Road Users

Vulnerable Road Users

Understanding Older Drivers: An Examination of Medical Conditions, Medication Use, and Travel Behavior

...likely to self-regulate their driving behavior: Three-quarters of drivers ages 65 and older who have a medical condition report reduced daily travel; Older drivers using medications avoid night driving at...

April 2014 // Technical Report // Fact Sheet

Driver Behavior & Performance

Rates of Motor Vehicle Crashes, Injuries and Deaths in Relation to Driver Age, United States, 2014-2015

...driver crash involvement and driving exposure, this study finds that by most measures, the youngest drivers continue to have by far the greatest driving risk. Risk decreases rapidly with age...

June 2017 // Research Brief

Vulnerable Road Users

Vulnerable Road Users

Parents, Teens, and the Learner Stage of Graduated Driver Licensing

...driving. According to both parent reports and video clips, much of the teen driving occurred on “routine trips” under relatively benign conditions. Teens drove less frequently under more challenging settings...

October 2010 // Technical Report // Fact Sheet

Vulnerable Road Users

Use, Learning and Perceptions of In-Vehicle Technologies, and Vehicle Adaptations among Older Drivers: A LongROAD Study

...vehicle adaptations and technologies can help maintain safe driving among older adults. References AAA. (2017). Smart Features for Older Drivers. Accessed September 2017. AARP, AAA, & AOTA (2017). CarFit:...

October 2017 // Research Brief

Driver Behavior & Performance

2014 Traffic Safety Culture Index three drivers have a friend or relative seriously injured or killed in a crash Severity of Traffic Safety Concerns: Three in five drivers (61.3%) say aggressive drivers are a...

January 2015 // Technical Report // Fact Sheet

Driver Behavior & Performance

Assessing the Feasibility of Evaluating the Legal Implications of Marijuana Per Se Statutes in the Criminal Justice System

...related to driving under the influence of cannabis (DUIC). Yet, only limited research exists on the effects of many impaired-driving policies as they specifically relate to cannabis, including the establishment...

April 2019 // Technical Report // Fact Sheet

Driver Behavior & Performance

Cannabis Use Among Drivers Suspected of Driving Under the Influence or Involved in Collisions: Analysis of Washington State Patrol Data

...enforcement was relatively unchanged from 2009-2014, but there was an increase in the number of patrol officers with specialized training in Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement Trends in THC-involved driving...

May 2016 // Technical Report // Fact Sheet