Tag: Fatalities

Vulnerable Road Users

Examining the Increase in Pedestrian Fatalities in the United States, 2009–2018

This research examines the increase in pedestrian fatalities from 2009 to 2018 through analysis of changes in the presence of certain pedestrian, driver, vehicle, and environmental factors.

January 2021 Research Brief

Vulnerable Road Users

Assessing Fatality Rates in Crash Involvement for Motorists and Non-Motorists in Teen Driver Crashes by Risk Factor

This research brief presents findings from the 2016 FARS and CRSS database assessing the rate of fatalities for different individuals, and different risk factors involved in a teen driver crash

October 2018 Research Brief

Driver Behavior & Performance

Hit-and-Run Crashes: Prevalence, Contributing Factors and Countermeasures

Hit-and-run crashes and fatalities rates have been increasing at an alarming rate.

April 2018 Research Brief