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Emerging Technologies

A Multi-Method Approach to Understanding Drivers’ Experiences and Behavior Under Partial Vehicle Automation

This study used three different approaches—experimental, naturalistic, and survey—to investigate how drivers interact with and adapt to vehicle automation systems in real-world scenarios over an extended period of time.

September 2023 Technical Report | Report Summary

Driver Behavior & Performance

2021 Traffic Safety Culture Index

The 2021 iteration of the annual Traffic Safety Culture Index survey provides insights into the magnitude of discordance between drivers’ attitudes/perceptions and their engagement in unsafe driving behaviors.

December 2022 Technical Report | Report Summary

Vulnerable Road Users

Vulnerable Road Users

National Survey of Child Passenger Safety Technicians on the LATCH System, United States, 2013

This report presents the results of a survey of Child Passenger Safety Technicians regarding opportunities to improve the ease of use of the LATCH system in motor vehicles.

February 2014 Technical Report | Report Summary