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Driver Behavior & Performance

Prevalence of Self-Reported Aggressive Driving Behavior: United States, 2014

...female drivers to report each of the aggressive driving behaviors examined Drivers may underreport engaging in aggressive driving behaviors due to their negative social connotation, and thus the true prevalence...

July 2016 Technical Report | Report Summary

Driver Behavior & Performance

Overview of Major Issues Regarding the Impacts of Alcohol and Marijuana on Driving

...Reduces risk aversion among those risk averse, increases impulsivity and aggressive driving among those prone to aggressive driving and reduces inhibitions at higher BAC. Effects depend on usual levels of...

March 2016 Research Brief

Driver Behavior & Performance

Driver Behavior & Performance

2009 Traffic Safety Culture Index

...reasons that respondents mentioned for feeling less safe driving today than five years ago included aggressive driving and/or road rage (20%) and speeding (15%). When asked about their driving behavior...

July 2009 Technical Report | Report Summary

Vulnerable Road Users

Distracted Driving Behaviors and Beliefs among Older Adults: A LongROAD Analysis of the Training, Research, and Education for Driving Safety Study capable when driving, and using a handsfree phone were associated with greater frequency of distracted-driving behavior. Distracted driving puts the driver and passengers at risk. More than a quarter...

September 2017 Research Brief

Driver Behavior & Performance

2021 Traffic Safety Culture Index

...More than half of the drivers (57%) indicated they had used a hands-free technology to talk or send texts/emails while driving. Aggressive Driving Though 63% of drivers believe police would...

December 2022 Technical Report | Report Summary

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Orientation Sessions for Parents of Young Novice Drivers: An Assessment of U.S. Programs and Recommendations

Introduction The role of parents in the licensing process has expanded greatly since the arrival of graduated driver licensing (GDL). Lengthy learner stages, supervised hours requirements and driving restrictions have...

May 2018 Technical Report | Report Summary

Vulnerable Road Users

Musculoskeletal Conditions and Related Driving Reduction Among Older Drivers: A LongROAD Study

...driving reduction in older adults of both genders. Low confidence in driving ability, coupled with musculoskeletal condition diagnosis, might cause premature driving reduction for women. Conversely, overconfidence in driving ability...

November 2017 Research Brief