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Objectively Derived and Self-Reported Measures of Driving Exposure and Patterns Among Older Adults: AAA LongROAD Study

...measure would be related. For driving exposure, comparisons were statistically significant for both days driving per week and miles driving per week. In both cases, actual driving predicted self-reported driving,...

January 2019 Research Brief

Driver Behavior & Performance

2016 Traffic Safety Culture Index

...unacceptable to drive without wearing a seatbelt and more than 4 in 5 say they never do. Distracted Driving: 81.1 percent of drivers say texting/emailing while driving is a very...

February 2017 Technical Report | Report Summary

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The Longitudinal Research on Aging Drivers (LongROAD) Study: Understanding the Design and Methods

...driving permanently. Therefore, a driving cessation questionnaire was designed to collect information about the general circumstances surrounding the decision to stop driving, specific reasons for stopping driving, means of meeting...

November 2017 Research Brief

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Utilization of Driving Rehabilitation among Older Adults: LongROAD Analysis of the National Health and Aging Trends Study

...older adults might benefit from targeted evaluation for driving rehabilitation. When older adults lose their spouses, it may be an important time to evaluate driving rehabilitation, since driving provides adults...

August 2017 Research Brief

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The Relationship Between Visual Abilities and Driving Habits Among Older Drivers: A LongROAD Study

...were analyzed. The objective driving habit measures were based on previous work and were conceptualized based on three components of the Driving Habits Questionnaire: driving closer to home (called driving...

October 2018 Research Brief

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Self-Regulation of Driving by Older Adults: A LongROAD Study

Self-Regulation of Driving by Older Adults Background Self-regulation, or the modification of driving activity by driving less or avoiding challenging situations in response to declining abilities, is increasingly studied as...

December 2015 Technical Report | Report Summary

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Driver Behavior & Performance

Self-Reported Risky Driving in Relation to Changes in Amount of Driving During the COVID-19 Pandemic

...driving exposure among segments of the driving population with differing safety profiles. Relatively safer drivers reduced their driving. Relatively riskier drivers increased their driving. These shifts increased the average level...

February 2022 Research Brief

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Associations Between Falls and Driving Outcomes in Older Adults: A LongROAD Study

...alone Driving difficulty A self-reported measure, asking subjects whether they had difficulty driving under certain conditions, while performing certain tasks; e.g. turning left Driving frequency, distance, or space Driving cessation...

March 2016 Technical Report | Report Summary

Driver Behavior & Performance

American Driving Survey: 2014 – 2015

...of 48.4 minutes driving, which translates to an average of 763 trips, 10,874 miles, and 294 hours of driving annually. On average, women reported more daily driving trips than men,...

September 2016 Technical Report | Report Summary

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Relationship Between Driving Habits and Health-Related Quality of Life: AAA LongROAD Study

...driving reduction among older people was associated with increased fatigue and poorer physical functioning. By identifying the association between these driving habits and HRQOL, future driving intervention programs may target...

April 2019 Research Brief