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Driver Behavior & Performance

An Evaluation of Data from Drivers Arrested for Driving Under the Influence in Relation to Per se Limits for Cannabis

...immediately after use can impact vehicle control and judgment and present some risk for deterioration in driving performance These concerns have led to a strong desire among lawmakers and traffic...

May 2016 // Technical Report // Fact Sheet

Our History

...associated with distracted driving. 1990s (cont.) The AAA Foundation research sounded the alarm on drowsy driving, an underappreciated cause of crashes, injuries, and deaths on our roads. 1990s The AAA...

Vulnerable Road Users

Development of a Novice Driver Training Module to Accelerate Driver Perceptual Expertise

...improvement in recognizing potential driving hazards. The driving scenarios appeared realistic. All participants reported that they would recommend the program to other novice drivers. Experimenters reported that all participants appeared...

March 2017 // Technical Report // Fact Sheet

Emerging Technologies

The Smartphone and the Driver’s Cognitive Workload: A Comparison of Apple, Google, and Microsoft’s Intelligent Personal Assistants

...of 42 with an average of 26 years of driving experience Comparison to low workload baseline single-task (just driving) and high workload baseline math and memory tasks. Evaluated the cognitive...

October 2015 // Technical Report // Fact Sheet

Vulnerable Road Users

Accelerating Teen Driver Learning: Anywhere, Anytime Training

...approximate duration of 70 minutes. All participants were evaluated on the driving simulator with an eye tracker. The 21 total driving simulator scenarios were identical to those in the ACCEL...

June 2017 // Technical Report // Fact Sheet

Driver Behavior & Performance

Driver Behavior & Performance

Temporal Trends in Indicators of Traffic Safety Culture among Drivers in the United States, 2009–2012

...they could have stopped safely in the past 30 days There is overwhelming condemnation of drowsy driving, yet more than a quarter of drivers admit to driving when they were...

August 2013 // Technical Report // Fact Sheet


...driving changed during COVID-19 pandemic Geospatial World Waymo drops ‘self-driving’ from its name, opts for ‘autonomous driving’ instead Forbes Double Trouble: Users Of Both Alcohol And Marijuana Take More Driving...

Driver Behavior & Performance

2015 Traffic Safety Culture Index

...majority of drivers (57.3%) view people driving after using illegal drugs as a very serious threat, while much fewer (31.8%) say the same about people driving after using prescription drugs...

February 2016 // Technical Report // Fact Sheet